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Art CV - Bio

Artistic Bio

Mert Ozbolat (1990) studied architecture in Istanbul and Brighton. He is currently working as freelance architectural designer in London. His experience spans from jewel crafting, interior design, and architecture. He is a multifaceted designer who takes pleasure working in between various mediums and expressions in small to big scale art, design, and architectural applications. In his conceptual work, his intentions take shape in collages, making and drawing. These fragments of created or existing manufactured pieces, textures, stains, worn out and naïve desires starts an intercourse to reach to substantial meanings within produced objects, images and mixed medium illustrations.


Research, Competitions and Awards

2023 S.ARCH Berlin- Productive Landscapes - Best Conceptual Design - Small Scale Project

2022 ’A community-led research initiative for a productive landscape’’  - Research
Published Lisbon Triennale 2022 -

2019 Productive Landscapes -
EMBD Project - Research

2019 VISP Vocational School Competition in Switzerland (Visp, CH)

- EMBD Community Initiative Project

2018 - Museum of Modern Art, Invited competition (Visp, CH)

2018 - New Guggenheim ,
Switch Competition


2023 Architectural Assistant -
Ar-Co Design Studio

2023 Architectural Assistant -
Studio Naama

2022 Architectural Assistant, Editorial and Graphic Design -
Yael Reisner Studio

2020 - 2021 Construction Manager

2019 - 2020 Architectural Assistant, Walker Architecture Drawing Office- Architect RIBA ARB Jonathan Walker

2018 - NART Studio

2018 - Architectural Assistant - Associate , Felt architecture & design & research

2017 - 2018 Assistant Tutor in Studio 09, Studio Lead by Stefan Lengen and Jonathan Walker, University of Brighton, School of Architecture and Design,Brighton, UK

2018 BA [Hons] Architecture, University of Brighton, School of Architecture and Design, Brighton, UK

2016 - 2017 Secretary,
Brighton Interior Architecture and Architecture Society

2016 July - Bartlett Summer Studio, Drawing and Making,
Tutors: Pascal Bronner - Thomas Hillier

2015 (Summer) - Workshop technician, University of Brighton

2014 Arts, Design and Media Foundation,
University of Brighton’s International College, Brighton, UK

2014 Interior Architecture, Okan University, Faculty of Arts, Istanbul

2006 - 2009 Label Jewellery - Apprentice Jewelcrafter

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