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A community-led initiative for a productive landscape

Stefan Lengen, Ali Shaw & Mert Özbolat
DOC 234—34/2

Terra 2022
Lisbon Architecture Triennale 29 September to 5 December 2022
Published research in Lisbon Triennale 2022


How can design research endeavour to address the climate emergency with an innovative community-led initiative? The territory our research focused on is Embd, Switzerland, a rural farming village 1450m above sea level and part of the alpine hinterland covering a total area of 4000km² of wood and grassland across Switzerland – the largest continuous hinterland in the Alps. This remote territory formed a local framework of common(s) ownership and land governance that facilitated a natural circular economy for hundreds of years, but sadly it is a landscape – other­wise productive – that has been largely abandoned since the 1970’s due to population migration to urban centres with economic, social, and cultural advantages and opportunities. Today, Embd has a population of just 331.

This design research explores strategies to reactivate these productive landscapes and dormant building structures to reverse the trend of abandonment by facilitating a circular economy within the common(s) network in collaboration with local commu­nities, trade, stakeholders, and the planning authorities. This method of work explores participatory design principles, advocat­ing collaborative work, local material sourcing and innovative construction methodologies that address whole-life approaches.

Book : Emerging voices on new architectural ecologies
Editors: Cristina Verissimo, Diogo Burnay
ISBN [volume 1]: 978-989-53836-2-7

You can read the research down below by grid images.